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Tenant Registration Form

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  2. Please complete this online Tenant Registration form.
  3. Property Information
  4. Property Owner/Management Company Information
  5. Will the property owner still utilize facilities and attend events during tenants residency?
  6. Multiple lot owner?
  7. Tenant / Renter Information
  8. Termination or extension of this agreement will be provided in writing by the owner or Property Management.
  9. I certify that the Tenant:
  10. Has received a copy of the Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Regulations
  11. I, __________________________________________________, Owner and/or Property Management representative of the above mentioned property, do hereby authorize the above mentioned Tenants for the term described herein and certify that all information listed above is true and correct. In addition, I understand that the Access ID cards for the above mentioned tenants will be activated for the duration of the above mentioned lease term and written notification of lease renewal will be provided to Association office. I agree to the $100 Facility Use Fee OR the $25 Tenant Transfer Fee** to be added to my Association account for additional wear and tear of amenities. I also understand that tenants will be charged $12 per Access ID Card.
  12. Please print form before signing document.
    Form must include a hand-written signature from the property owner. Digital signatures will not be considered valid for processing of this form. Payment for Facility Use Fee or Tenant Transfer Fee is due at time of submittal.
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