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Jun 19

Dethatching Your Lawn

Posted on June 19, 2019 at 3:23 PM by Adam Rosen

Thatch is the buildup of grass and other plant materials at the base of your lawn. To allow water and nutrients to reach the soil, thatch should remain at a level of .5 inch or below. If the thatch on your lawn reaches higher than this level, it requires a process called dethatching in order to remove the buildup from your lawn. Dethatching involves a specialized rake digging tines deep into your turf, pulling out the accumulated mass below. 

Through the dethatching process, some turf will be damaged, making the time of year an important part of the process. The best season for dethatching is summer, as the Bermuda is able to recover quickly during its growing season. Dethatching in the fall or winter may result in more long-term damage as the turf is not able to recover through its natural growth cycle.