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Apr 10

Poly to PVC Conversion

Posted on April 10, 2019 at 4:39 PM by Adam Rosen

Your irrigation system is the backbone of your landscape; unless it can function properly, your plants, trees and turf won’t look their best. Vistancia currently has an irrigation system that uses polyethylene, or Poly, piping. Poly doesn’t hold up well in our desert environment, and after about 5-10 years, it begins to break down and crack. This leads to frequent leaks and repairs, which can turn into increased expenses for your community.

In the coming weeks, our Special Projects crew will be converting your community’s poly piping in the pool areas and parking lot with PVC pipe. PVC piping is more durable and less prone to breaks.

In order to complete this conversion you will notice some construction in these areas as we replace lines underground. The result will be a better-functioning irrigation system that will allow your plants to be healthy and thrive in your landscape.