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Feb 14

Valentine Bush

Posted on February 14, 2019 at 9:50 AM by Adam Rosen

In honor of the Valentine’s Day holiday, we are taking a closer look at the Valentine Bush.
The Valentine Bush, also known as an Emu Bush or Valentine Emu, is known for its winter hardiness and the fact that it begins to bloom around mid-February. Other plants tend to wait to bloom until temperatures are warmer in the late spring. The Valentine Bush’s blooms are usually a bright pink color, adding to the romantic namesake.

The Valentine Bush is commonly used in desert landscaping, including in the community's common area landscape. They can also be great additions to your own yard because of their hardiness and color. They are widely used as accent shrubs or even as hedges. The bush can be left natural, with spiky branches and beautiful blooms, which is how you will see it , or be pruned to look more formal and structured. The Valentine Bush also attracts butterflies with its bright flowers, making it a nice way to bring more life to your yard.

This year, skip on the roses and get your sweetheart a Valentine Bush instead!