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Oct 11

The Pesky Problem: Weeds

Posted on October 11, 2018 at 11:27 AM by Adam Rosen

It’s time to get proactive about weeds! We all know that dealing with weeds can be a pesky chore when maintaining your yard. At DLC Resources, we apply pre-emergent herbicides in order help prevent various weeds from coming up in the common areas throughout The Villages. You can do the same in your own backyard!

Granular pre-emergent is a good option for homeowners and can be purchased online or at your local hardware or garden stores. You can also contact local companies to come out and do the work for you. However, spreading pre-emergent yourself is a simple process; granular pre-emergent gets spread the same way you would spread seed or fertilizer.

In order to be effective, pre-emergent needs to be watered down in order for it to seep into the ground and prevent the weeds from germinating. Right now is the perfect time to spread pre-emergent because of the rains we are receiving. However, if Mother Nature throws a curve ball and we don’t get the expected rainfall at this time of year, you can mimic the process by watering the pre-emergent in with a hose. Just remember to follow your product’s instruction label.

If applied in the next few months, pre-emergent will help reduce the weed population you receive in the spring, saving you from pulling weeds instead of enjoying the good weather.