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Apr 25

Lack of Rain and Low Humidity

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 12:41 PM by Adam Rosen

For the next couple of months, the weather forecasters are not optimistic about our drought coming to an end. Typically, June is hot and the driest month of the year and we receive very little rainfall.  It is important to check your irrigation system to ensure it is functioning at its’ peak so you waste as little water as possible.

Here are some tips for managing your irrigation system:

  • Check the start times and programs to be sure the days are set correctly
  • Run your turf stations just before dawn to minimize evaporation
  • Check nozzles on turf heads to ensure they are covering the intended target and not clogged
  • Run tree station once per week and try to water to a depth of 3 feet
  • Run shrub stations 2-3 times per week for an hour
  • Run turf stations 3-4 times per week and check for hot spots
  • Use a screwdriver to check on water penetration in your lawn areas