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Apr 12

Sustainable Planting

Posted on April 12, 2018 at 9:46 AM by Adam Rosen

We have some wonderful species of desert plants that will continue to provide new plants for your landscape over time. Use these plants to get a fuller and free landscape at your home.  

PENSTEMON – this plant produces an abundant amount of flower stalks and each stalk is filled with seed. As the flower diminishes, cut the stalk off the plant and shake the seed from the flower pod. Next spring, you’ll have many more plants around any source of water.

BRITTLE BUSH – this yellow bloomer will provide many additional plants next spring the same way the Penstemon do. The flowers on the Brittle Bush have many seeds and will have a tendency to take an area over if not thinned out each year.

AGAVE SPECIES – species of Agave will provide many small plants at the base of the original plant.  These are known as “pups”. Dig the small plants and arrange them in your landscape design for a free plant over the year. It is a way for the Agave to sustain themselves as once they throw their beautiful flower stalk, most Agaves life cycle is complete.

Desert species have adapted over the centuries to continuously provide new plants.  Take advantage of this when planning your landscape.