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Nov 14

Designated Disabled Parking Spaces

Posted on November 14, 2017 at 4:54 PM by Adam Rosen

As the holiday season approaches, our many shopping centers and retail stores will become full with holiday patrons, who will all need a place to park. Please be courteous of our fellow citizens who have disabled parking permits and need these spaces to be able to shop and enjoy the many amenities in our city.

Peoria City Code 14-106 A.9 prohibits parking where prohibited by official signs or designations. This holiday season, the Peoria Police Department will direct resources to our retail centers to ensure that only those who have the proper permits and designators are using disabled parking spaces. Both sworn law enforcement officers and certified volunteers will be at our retail centers, and you may see members of the Peoria Police Department on bicycles or on foot in the parking lots. These efforts will not only focus on parking issues, but also the overall safety of shoppers and employees during the holiday season.

The fine penalties for parking where prohibited, including parking in a designated disabled parking space without the proper designator, start at $154 and can be higher or combined for multiple infractions. In conjunction with being a violation of city code, wrongful parking in a designated disabled parking space is also discourteous to those who truly need these spaces to perform day-to-day activities. This holiday season is a good time to remember to be a steward of kindness and caring, even while enduring the stress of shopping and running errands. Resist the temptation to park in a designated disabled parking space, even “for just a minute” as this can result in a fine and the loss of a parking space for those with disabilities.

For citizens who have a parking placard or hang tag for disabled parking, please remember to display these tags so that your vehicle is not cited due to the tag not being visible to police department employees.

The Peoria Police Department wants each member of our community to shop safely and enjoy all our city has to offer this holiday season.