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Feb 16

Pre-emergent for Summer Turf Weeds

Posted on February 16, 2023 at 10:15 AM by Cullen Boswell

Want to reduce summer turf weeds and promote healthy turf the easy way? Apply a pre-emergent herbicide NOW to help prevent seeds from germinating in the soil. A timely application of pre-emergent can greatly reduce the number of weeds that germinate since it inhibits the weeds’ roots and does not allow them to grow.

When choosing a pre-emergent, find a product that says it is a weed preventer. Ask for assistance at your local home improvement store for additional help, and be sure to follow all directions on the bag. Typically the product may be granular that you water in after spreading throughout the lawn.

So consider this vital step in reducing summer turf weeds. Or get ready for a few unwelcome visitors in your nice, green grass this summer!

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