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Jun 27

Planting Native Shrubs

Posted on June 27, 2022 at 1:25 PM by Samantha Thomas

Although summer has just officially started, it’s getting HOT in Arizona! But it’s not too late to add some color and interest to your yard with new plants. The key is to add varieties that are native to the desert that can handle our hot, dry environment.

Many desert-adapted shrubs are green year-round and flower more than once, adding lovely pops of color to your landscape. Recommended shrubs include Chichuachan Sage, Turpentine, Texas (or Green Cloud) Sage, Chuparosa, Jojoba, Red Bird of Paradise, Orange Bells and Fairy Duster. More great options can be found on the AMWUA (Arizona Municipal Water Users Association) website at But please remember that some shrubs may delay blooming in the hottest times of the year in order to conserve water. Be a little patient for those pretty flowers!

If you are looking to add additional trees, shrubs or flowers to your yard, spring and fall are generally the best times to plant. For plants that are sensitive to cold, late spring is ideal. But don’t think you can’t add plants in summer-just remember they must be adapted to the desert and ready for the heat!

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