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Apr 11

Lower Mow Heights for Turf Transition

Posted on April 11, 2022 at 6:03 PM by Samantha Thomas

Did you overseed your yard last fall? If so, it’s time to take an important step towards discouraging the winter Ryegrass and encouraging the summer Bermuda: lowering mow heights! Ryegrass starts to recede as temperatures warm, but for a time it can compete with the emerging Bermuda. This competition for water and nutrients can inhibit the start of your summer lawn. It’s best to get rid of the Rye quickly to give your Bermuda a better chance at a healthy start.

Beginning towards the end of March/early April, lower the deck on your mower by ¼ per week. For example, if 2 inches is a typical mow height, you should be at 1-1.25 inches by the end of April. You should also reduce the amount of water and avoid fertilizer that could stimulate the Rye. Your Bermuda grass will be ready for the summer months by the beginning of June!

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