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Feb 15

Turf Transition is Coming Soon!

Posted on February 15, 2022 at 10:43 AM by Samantha Thomas

When nighttime temperatures reach 65 degrees consistently, the summer Bermuda grass, which has been dormant all winter, begins to wake up and grow. We’re not there yet, but this process, called turf transition, is coming soon!

If you overseeded your turf in the winter, your Ryegrass would also begin to recede as daytime temperatures exceed 90 degrees. During this period, both types of grass compete for sunlight and water.

The transition will take place on a large scale in your Community’s common areas over several weeks, but the same process can be applied to your own yard. We’ll be sharing more information about the exact steps as things get closer. So, as winter winds down, be thinking of all the exciting spring happenings to look forward to. Like the return of your summer Bermuda grass! 

Please visit for more information on turf transition.