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Jul 28

Watering Bermuda

Posted on July 28, 2021 at 5:10 PM by Krislyn Powell

Wondering how much you should be watering your Bermuda lawn? It may seem challenging, but it’s really not. At this time of year, the basic guideline is to water for 6-8 minutes, six days a week. Program your irrigation to come on at night or very early morning to reduce evaporation. 

But what if we receive rain? Thankfully, the monsoon has brought us much-needed rain this year! You can turn your system off (saving water AND money) one cycle for each ½” of rainfall we receive. For example, Vistancia just received 1” of rain. So you can turn your turf irrigation off for two days. But don’t forget to turn it back on! 

Check to see if your turf is receiving enough water with a long screwdriver. If you can insert the screwdriver 6” into the ground you know there is enough water for the turf to grow properly. And remember to evaluate your system occasionally to make sure the pop-up heads are spraying correctly and in the right direction. Learn more about watering guidelines for turf and plants at

You can always visit the Learning Center on our website,, for additional information about caring for your turf.