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Jul 18

Monsoon Season is Finally Here

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 4:08 PM by Adam Testa

This past weekend saw the first effects of monsoon season and brought high winds and some much-needed rainfall to the Valley. Take advantage of the rain and turn your irrigation controllers off for a few days to save water. As I was walked to my vehicle earlier this week, the ground was saturated and the forecast looks partly cloudy through Friday.

Evaluate damage to trees by looking for broken branches that might have snapped from strong winds experienced this weekend. If you noticed a branch has broken, follow the damage back to the trunk of the tree and try to make a clean cut by the trunk. Look for cross branching and heavy limbs that may need to be reduced in weight to allow winds to pass through the tree, rather than create a wind sail and break later from high winds.

In the upcoming weeks, be proactive and look for landscape issues that might create hazards by walkways, streets or your roof.  A little prevention will go a long way this time of year.