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Sep 23

Landscape Damage

Posted on September 23, 2020 at 10:28 AM by Krislyn Powell

With summer monsoons behind us, now is the time to assess your landscape for any damage that may have occurred during these months. When assessing, you should be looking for broken limbs and fallen branches, along with other signs of disruption in your trees and plants. After discovery, any damaged or broken tree limbs should be properly removed to avoid causing additional harm to your trees and get your landscape looking great again! Removing these branches in a timely and safe manner can help the tree’s wound to properly heal and close over. 

Lower tree limbs, typically those that can be reached from the ground, can be trimmed by homeowners with proper pruning techniques and tools. For taller trees, please consult an arbor professional to safely prune as necessary. For more information on proper pruning techniques and safety, please visit