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Sep 02

Insect Influx

Posted on September 2, 2020 at 10:57 AM by Samantha Thomas

In September, many caterpillars begin their migration through the Valley, and have been seen around Vistancia in previous years. These caterpillars can often become pests around landscapes due to their vast numbers. With this influx of insects, the most susceptible plants, such as Hibiscus and Lantana, should be protected with a gentle soap and water spray or a light cover. This should help deter feeding on your foliage. You can also consult your local home and garden store for help selecting the best protection for your landscape. 

If plants are damaged, unfortunately, there is not much to do. The Arizona Cooperative Extension recommends simply letting the frost kill off the remaining pests. The shrubs will regrow leaves once the pests have died.