Jun 02

Lush Green Summer

Posted on June 2, 2020 at 4:32 PM by Samantha Thomas

With the high summer temperatures officially here, your turf transition is fully underway. You should now be seeing Bermuda emerge in many areas following the elimination of the Ryegrass in May. In other areas where the Bermuda is struggling to grow, DLC crews are applying new Bermuda seed and fertilizer to push growth in these areas. This process will continue into June as strive for lush green parks this summer!

As plants and trees continue to bloom, and later drop those blooms, we are seeing an increase in debris in many areas around the Community. To combat this debris most efficiently, we are continuing to utilize our new large blue sweeper vehicle to aid in removing the fallen blooms and other debris. This equipment also allows maintenance crews more time remain focused on other tasks around the Community.

Additionally, our Certified Tree Crews have now completed the pruning of selected trees at heights above 10 feet throughout the Community. This pruning helps to promote healthy growth, while also mitigating wind damage for the upcoming monsoon season. 

May 27

Extra Attention to New Plants

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 1:18 PM by Samantha Thomas

With triple digit temperatures now arriving in full-force, summer isn’t near, it’s here! If you have added new plants in the recent weeks or months, they will need extra attention to survive the scorching summer months!

The transition period following the installation of a new shrub or tree is already a delicate time for the plant, and the high temperatures add another element to consider as you care for your new addition. Typically, the root ball should receive consistent moisture for the first several weeks of its transition, as its roots grow into the new area. This will mean providing a little more water than the rest of your landscape for these first few weeks. You should also continue to monitor for signs of distress or low-moisture levels through the summer, following the initial transition period. 
For more information on watering schedules and new plant care, please visit: https://www.dlcresources.com/learning-center.

May 20

Emerging Bermuda

Posted on May 20, 2020 at 3:33 PM by Samantha Thomas

As your Bermuda emerges from dormancy this month with the summer temperatures beginning, you can help to push its growth. If you have not already, you should lay down an application of a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, to help provide the Bermuda with additional nutrients, which will encourage faster and stronger growth. The fertilization is highly beneficial as some Bermuda may struggle to grow out of dormancy naturally. DLC crews have also applied fertilizer to turf areas throughout the Community.

The optimal time to fertilize your lawn is in morning, after dew as evaporated, but when winds are still low and the fertilizer is less likely to blow around. It is also crucial to remember to water your turf immediately following fertilizer application. This watering allows the fertilizer to soak in and helps to avoid burning your turf. 

When applying the fertilizer, always follow the directions on the package to determine correct timing and amounts for your lawn size.

For additional resources and information on landscape care, please visit: https://www.dlcresources.com/learning-center.