Aug 22

Avoid Making Traffic Accidents Worse

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 2:06 PM by Adam Testa

Traffic accidents can be a very scary situation for those involved; however, they can also be hazardous to drivers passing by or observing the accident. Remember your safety and be alert while driving near or around a vehicle accident.  

If you observe a minor vehicle accident as it occurs, you can pull over onto a side street or private drive and wait until the vehicles move off the roadway. As a witness, you can provide your contact information to one of the drivers or, if the police are en route, you can provide a statement and your contact information to the responding officer.

If you observe an accident with injuries, call 911 and drive to a safe location to pull over. Don’t stop in the intersection and don’t jump out of your vehicle, as you can be injured by passing vehicles, debris or secondary accidents.  

If you drive by an accident that has already occurred, is off the roadway or to which police have already arrived, safely maneuver around the vehicles and continue to your destination. Do not become distracted from the road to look at, comment or photograph the accident. When drivers slow down to look at an accident, it creates a traffic hazard and can cause a secondary accident.  

Vehicle accidents do occur on our roadways. By driving safely, watching your speed and avoiding distracted driving, you can improve your chances of being safe on the road.    

Aug 16

School's in Session: Be Careful and Plan Ahead

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 11:52 AM by Adam Testa

Drivers and students, remember to be alert and safe during these first few weeks of school.

Along with preparing for school, residents should also remember to add an extra dose of patience to their morning and afternoon routines. Once kids are out the door and drivers on their way to work, the extra traffic going to and from your destination can cause delays. 

Give yourself extra time to get to your destination and plan ahead. Perhaps consider a route that doesn’t pass a school zone during peak hours, such as drop-off and pick-up; congestion can be quite heavy, especially the first few weeks of school. Many times, drivers are aware of bus stops, extra foot traffic and the increase in children in the area; however, these factors also affect the overall timeliness of your morning or afternoon routine.  

Be aware there will be more drivers on the road, including some new student drivers. There have been some recent traffic control changes and parking restrictions around Peoria schools. Some Peoria high schools offer courses in other Peoria schools; therefore, student drivers will be commuting back and forth. If your student has one of these classes, remind them to drive safely back to their home campus once their course is complete. Peoria schools are closed campuses, meaning students are not permitted to leave for lunch or errands.  

A notable difference in the Peoria Unified School District schedule this year is early release on Mondays.  On these days, students have a half-day, and you may see students traveling home from school at odd hours. For a list of these early release dates, visit the Peoria Unified School District 2017-2018 calendar page, found on the district website.  

One last note to remember is that some students who are seniors attend school for only a half-day in the morning. This can create extra traffic on the roadways and increase patronage at our local restaurants during lunch time. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time throughout your day until you have established a solid back-to-school schedule. 

Aug 09

Back to School: Speed Limits and School Zones

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 3:51 PM by Adam Testa

It’s that time of the year again, when parents and students are gearing up for the upcoming school year.  The Peoria Unified School District is officially back in session. This is a good time to review some driving rules so you can get your kids to school safely and move on with your day, wherever you may be headed. These tips focus on school zone and bus stop safety.

In reference to the school zone, the 15-mph zone begins as soon as the vehicle’s front bumper crosses the sign and ends as soon as the vehicle’s rear bumper clears the crosswalk. It’s also important to note this applies when signs are posted in the roadway, not just when children are present.

In reference to the school bus’s red, flashing stop signs, drivers do not have to stop if there is a positive median barrier. This means the barrier MUST be a raised median, not a painted one, or two-way left turn lane and the driver is traveling in the OPPOSITE direction. Any other time, drivers must stop in either direction when bus signs are out or when the school bus flashers are illuminating red, flashing lights.

Arizona revised statues defines a school crossing as the following:

28-797. School crossings; civil penalty; assessment; definition

For the purposes of this section, "school is in session," when used either in reference to the period of time or to signs, means during school hours or while children are going to or leaving school during opening or closing hours. 

This means when school is in session, not just when children are visible. Keep this helpful guide to school zones and speed limits handy.