Mar 20

Coming Up Roses!

Posted on March 20, 2019 at 10:00 AM by Adam Rosen

It’s rose season! Now is the perfect time to plant roses for the spring.

Roses are a great way to bring in a sense of romance and beauty to your garden. You can even plant roses from fully-grown rose plants at your garden center for you to transfer to your own space. There are also many different shapes and variations of colors choose from.
If you already have rose plants, now is also a great time to prepare pots, change out soil and fertilize. One fertilizer ingredient commonly used for roses is fish emulsion or fish fertilizer because it provides a lot of nitrogen.

Though roses are not native desert plants, they can still survive in our warm climate with proper watering. When helping a rose plant establish and form roots in its new space, you should water frequently. You can start out watering every other day for at least two weeks. With the right amount of care, they can thrive and be a great addition to your garden!
Mar 14

Combatting Pests: Insecticides

Posted on March 14, 2019 at 4:09 PM by Hannah Crosby

Springtime brings colorful, blooming flowers, nice weather, and unfortunately pests. That’s right, as temperatures heat up you may start to notice more insects coming out and attempting to harm your plants and turf. Because of some of our fluctuating temperatures and late frosts, we have noticed some larvae have frozen and died, which might mean that we can expect fewer pests coming out this spring. If you still want to get ahead of the problem, one way to mitigate your pests is by spraying insecticides. 
Insecticides can be used to mitigate pests and kill them on the spot. They can be effective when pests are in an egg or larval state, as well as when they are already grown.  Using insecticides helps to keep these pests from feasting on your plants, and in some cases, causing them to die. 
There is an optimal timeline for using insecticides on certain species and plants. This month, you can spray for tent caterpillars that often inhabit plants like the Texas Mountain Laurel.  In April, we recommend using an insecticide in your turf to combat turf grubs. Later in the summer, around Mid-July through September, you can treat for root weevil, or agave snout weevil, that might be affecting your agave. 
While not all bugs are bad, there are ways to help you prevent the bad ones from harming your plants. Insecticides are one easy way to accomplish that.  To learn more about specific pests and best practices, visit our learning center.
Mar 06

Entry Restoration Project Complete

Posted on March 6, 2019 at 10:15 AM by Adam Rosen

We wrapped up the renovation project at the entrance to the Mountain Vista Club.The entry is the first thing you see when you visit your Clubhouse and should therefore always be an inviting and beautiful space. DLC Resources has been working with the management team to create a more visually appealing common area landscape and to help the irrigation function better.

We have replaced all of the polyethylene, or Poly, irrigation piping with PVC pipe. PVC is much more durable than Poly, which breaks down and cracks within 5-10 years. PVC can last more than 50 years, making it a much better investment for your community. A well-functioning irrigation infrastructure is necessary to help ensure that your plants get the water they need to thrive in your community and to help prevent the community from needing to make more constant repairs.

In addition to irrigation updates, our crew also brought in new plants to bring life and color to the landscape. Some of the new plants you will see are Cereus cactus, agaves, and Coral Fountain. We also re-purposed existing Lady Slippers in the new design and re-populated an agave pup to allow it to grow on its own in the new space. Our crew also added in fresh gravel, large rock paths and boulders to give the area a clean look and add visual interest.

Take advantage of the perfect spring weather and come by the Clubhouse to check out the new improvements and enjoy your updated community space.