Mar 15

Plants for the Hot Arizona Summers

Posted on March 15, 2018 at 9:32 AM by Adam Rosen

As we all know, the summers in Arizona can test plants and people with high temperatures and brutal sun every day.  There are several species of plants that can handle the hot Arizona summers and have been tried and true for years.  Listed below are some species you may want to install to help with the rigorous season of summer.

  • Creosote – this hardy, desert adapted species makes a great addition to any landscape.  It will bloom yellow in the spring and randomly throughout the hot summer months.  It is the predominant plant in the native deserts around the Phoenix area.
  • Texas Sage – any species of this hardy plant is a welcome addition to your landscape.  Groupings of three or more make a statement and will bloom throughout the summer as the humidity increases during monsoon season.  Blooms or purple and pink are the predominant colors for this foundation plant.
  • Oleanders – probably the most tried and true plant in Arizona.  Standard oleanders comes in red and white and will get very large and utilized for hedges.  The Petite species comes in pink and will bloom throughout the year.
  • Lantana – this groundcover will give you dramatic color all summer.  Yellow, purple, white and red can all be found at your local nursery.  This species works well in the foreground or in pots and planter boxes as a draping plant over the edges of your pots and planters.

Mar 05

Bougainvillea Care

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 8:55 AM by Adam Rosen

Bougainvillea can add dramatic color to your landscape with red, purple and orange blooms. As a native plant of South America, Bougainvillea have a tendency to be frost sensitive, but will bounce back quickly after a hard prune to remove damaged branching after the danger of frost has passed in early March.

One of the keys to wonderful blooms is to not over water or over fertilize Bougainvillea.  If you do, the plant will produce lots of green foliage but not as many blooms. If you can, install Bougainvillea on your cactus irrigation line to avoid over watering with the normal shrubs.  After establishment, Bougainvillea produce more colorful blooms if only watered every 10-14 days.

We have had some later frost than normal in the Valley this year, so hold off on pruning back the frost damaged branches. When pruning, look for the new red bud emerging on the canes and prune just about the bud.

Mar 01

Desert Color

Posted on March 1, 2018 at 10:14 AM by Adam Rosen

Take notice of a few plants in bloom right now.  Even with the lack of rainfall, these stout species are showing their true colors this week.  In the right combinations, desert plants add a great variety of color to your yard each spring.

  • Valentine Emu – Eremophila maculata – this plant is aptly named as it blooms around Valentines Day each year with red blooms.  There are many through Vistancia and look best in groupings of three or more.
  • Cassia species – vibrant yellow blooms are present through May.  This species is a good foundation plant and can mitigate walls around your home or in a right of way setting.
  • Pink Fairy Duster – Calliandra eriophylla – this hardy desert plant has many pink flowers this week and is a great choice in the desert palette.
  • Firecracker Penstemon – Penstemon eatonii – this vibrant red bloom is present through April.  This accent plant is great for desert gardens and hummingbirds love the bloom.
  • Parry’s Penstemon – Penstemon parryi – this pink blooming plant is available through April as well.  The Firecracker and Parry’s together brighten up a landscape through the spring.

Remember to prune after the blooming period is over to take advantage of this wonderful time of year.