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Oct 03

Access ID Cards Discounted During October

Posted to Association News by Adam Rosen

Your Access ID card is more than your key to unlocking amazing community amenities; it’s your identification as a resident of our community authorized to use those community assets. Our Community Patrol team use Access ID cards to verify residency when patrolling at the pools or the gym.

Each homeowner is entitled to two free Access ID cards. Additional cards can be purchased, and this month, the management team will offer Village at Vistancia cards* at a special discounted price of $6. This is a great chance to replace any lost cards or to purchase them for children who might not have their own cards yet.

Cards will be issued to those residing in the home; exceptions will be made in special circumstances. Youth must be 10 years old to have their own Access ID cards. Those ages 10-13 will only have access to the MVC Gym. At age 14, they can access all amenities.

I can’t stress enough the importance of carrying your Access ID card with you whenever using community amenities. Community Patrol will be conducting ID checks more often to ensure amenities are being used properly by residents and their guests. As a reminder, each homeowner is allowed to bring two guests. Those using the amenities without proper identification may be asked to leave the property.

Additionally, our maintenance team has recently added security alarms to the doors along the northern glass wall of the MVC Gym. These doors are now emergency exits and should not be used to grant entry to the building. Please use the doors at either end of the building, which are accessible with your Access ID cards. Opening the emergency exit doors will cause an alarm to sound.

Purchasing an Access ID card is simple. Stop by the Association Office between 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and visit me at the front desk. An adult must accompany a child who needs an ID. The individual who will be using the card must be present, as the cards require a photo.

Please note: this is for a new or replacement ID. Residents may have one active ID card per person at a time.

*Residents of Acacia Grove and Primrose Estates can receive additional or replacement cards for those neighborhood amenities, as well, for an additional $6.
Feb 09

Prune After Bloom

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Adam Rosen

Many people ask when is the best time to prune shrubs?  A good rule to follow is to prune shrubs after their bloom cycle.  Shrubs are chosen for their colorful addition to the landscape as accents or foundation plants and to prune them while flowering defeats the purpose of the original design intent.

A few shrubs getting ready to be pruned in the next month are Brittle Bush, Valentine Bush and Lantana species. Here are the ways to rejuvenate these shrub species after blooming is complete.

Brittle Bush – in late spring, the yellow blooms will dry and drop seeds for the next growing cycle. The best way to prune this plant is to cut very low to the ground and rake up all trimmings to avoid having a breakout of too many plants of this species in your landscape.  Left unchecked, Brittle Bush have been known to dominate landscapes by their prolific development of seed.

Valentine Bush – in late spring, the beautiful red blooms will dry and become unsightly.   The best way to prune this tight growing shrub is to selectively open the plant with hand pruners and remove old wood within the plant to allow more sunlight to penetrate the interior of the plant.  Do not shear into a ball as this plant will grow that way naturally and repetitive shearing will produce more damaged wood within the plant.

Lantana species – all species of Lantana are susceptible to frost damage.  After the danger of frost has passed in mid-February, look for new leaf growth on the plant and trim just above the new growth. This will remove the dieback from frost and rejuvenate the plant for new emerging growth and blooms during the summer.

Remember to prune after bloom and your plants will thrive and produce wonderful color throughout their growing cycles.

Feb 15

In-depth Police Study to be Presented to Council and Public Feb. 20

Posted to Peoria News by Adam Rosen

A comprehensive study commissioned by the city of Peoria will be presented to the city council on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at a study session. The study, produced by Matrix Consulting Group, LLC, a leading police analyst company, was conducted over the last six months. The purpose of this 10-year Strategic Growth Plan was to analyze the department’s operational capabilities and efficiency in light of the rapid growth and evolving societal needs. 

"We want to do everything we can to give our men and women in blue the tools and support they need to be safe and keep our community safe," said Mayor Cathy Carlat. "It is important to review all aspects of this critical core service so we can be sure our public safety functions are modern, efficient and appropriately staffed.” 

This extensive study focused on current procedures, division functions, data analysis, deployment strategies and staffing assignments. It will provide an overall assessment of the police department’s effectiveness, and opportunities to improve. 

"It was key to have participation at all levels in the organization," said City Manager Jeff Tyne. "Input from line officers, command staff and leadership was vital to ensure solutions came from different perspectives. The bottom line is nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of our residents. This study will serve as a roadmap that will help us make sure our police force is optimized to its fullest potential today and into the future.”