View Fence Painting

Attention homeowners and residents with a view fence! Our view fence painting project began Jan. 14.

You will receive advance notification by email and taped to your home by Titan Painting, the vendor for this project, at least three days in advance of painting.

The project includes prepping and painting both sides of the wrought iron fencing in the rear of the home. While this project is expected to take six months to complete all neighborhoods, please make sure to read the following and prepare your backyard if you have a view fence:

  • Gates must be unlocked to allow yard access; please make sure painters have access when you receive your notice on your home
  • Pets will need to be contained inside when your fence is being painted
  • Ensure all shrubs, plants, tress, and vines are trimmed or pulled back from the fence to allow at least two feet between any items and the fence
Thank you for your cooperation. If you have a view fence and have questions, please call the Association Office at 623-215-8646.

Neighborhood List 

This list is the order neighborhoods will be painted. This will be updated as progress is made. Check back to see when neighborhoods are complete and if your neighborhood is upcoming.

Sienna Trails - COMPLETE
Eagle Canyon - COMPLETE
Escalante - COMPLETE
The Cliffs - COMPLETE
Monterra - COMPLETE
Tapestry - COMPLETE
Mira Vista - COMPLETE
Serenade - COMPLETE
Terracina - COMPLETE
Red Rock Trails - BEGINNING MARCH 8
Sandstone Pass - BEGINNING MARCH 11
Mountain View Estates
Saguro Heights
Desert Trails
Canyon Crest
Eagle Ridge
Mountain Gate
Mesquite Trail
Chaparral Canyon
Ironwood Ridge
Westland Heights
Desert Intrigue
Desert Ambition
Vista Pointe
Sonoran Views
Desert Vista