Heather La Conte


I recently moved into our house with my husband and two daughters. Although this is our first HOA, we love our neighborhood and association. I want to be apart of this development, not just for my children’s future but for the future outcome of the community.

Do you currently or have you previously served on a board or committee?
Not in relation to an HOA. The committees were part of my extracurricular activities as a senior.

How will you be able to put aside personal biases and desires to make decisions for the betterment of the entire community?
I currently do already in my job. I set aside my emotions to make logical and informed decisions to better the future outlook for the company. I can certainly do that here as well.

What is the most important issue facing the community in the next two years?
I believe it will be the overall development and the connecting of the community. One person alone cannot create a community atmosphere. We all have to be wiling to do our part as residents and neighbors.

What can the Association do to help maintain or improve current property values?
We need to set the standards and expectations – keeping our neighborhood safer, friendly, and healthy for all who resident and come to visit. We need to build up our communities to be able to come together – making it a team effort.

What are the three most important ways we can increase he sense of community in Vistancia?
  1. More events for socializing – some age specific, parent connections so parents can help one another and we can do a “love our neighborhood” event.
  2. More newsletters to be “in the know.” 
  3. Increase access to communicate between residents and the Association.
How do you feel about the collaborative-partnership approach between the Board, community members and the management team? What would you do to support and/or improve these relationships moving forward?
I’m all for it, the only way we can make this community work is to strengthen the partnership. The HOA is for our neighborhood and not against us. As a resident though it is our own responsibility to maintain good standing and positive relationship to make it all work. If I am apart of the Board, I would make a point to bridge the gap and gain the trust and support of the residents and community.